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The summer season is upon us & Dara Schindelka will be performing across the prairies and beyond! Be sure to check out the concert listings page to see where you can catch her as a solo act, trio, or with Northern Air throughout 2023!

A touch of the North and the Pull of the Prairies...this website has all things Dara Schindelka. From Concert Options, to Booking Dates, to Merchandise & her Biography. Take a look around and be sure to follow links and stay awhile! With her latest album, Saturn Returns, released with the generous support of SOCAN and Creative Saskatchewan, as well as shows with the Cherry Tree House Musical Education Fund, 2023 is off to the races. Join the newsletter email list for all the up to date news and follow Dara on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so you can find out where to see her live! Every time she shares her music live you get a glimpse of positive energy and amazing talent that hits you where you need it most...right to the heart of things! 

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