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A touch of the North and the Pull of the Prairies...Dara's voice has best been described as "The voice of an angel with the power of a freight train". She has travelled across Canada touring her most recent record Saturn Returns and is set to release a new album early in 2024. Her genre bending styles include folk, classical, jazz and most recently techno electronic. When not working on her solo projects, Dara loves singing backup for other artists and is a member of the funk/groove band BackSeat Driver.

From Concert Options, to Booking Dates, to Merchandise & her Biography...take a look around and be sure to follow links and stay awhile! Dara is set to release her 3rd studio album early 2024 and is excited to bring a fusion of traditional folk with techno electronic music to the soundwaves! Join the newsletter email list for all the up to date news and follow Dara on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so you can find out where to see her live! Every time she shares her music live you get a glimpse of positive energy and amazing talent that hits you where you need it most...right to the heart of things! 

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