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A Touch of the North With the Pull of the Prairies

The voice of an angel and the power of a freight train 

Dara Schindelka

A touch of the North and the Pull of the Prairies...Dara's voice has best been described as "The voice of an angel with the power of a freight train". She has travelled across Canada touring and sharing her songs and stories. Her latest project, She Imagined, is a collection of traditional folk songs that share the stories of women from hundreds of years ago that have ties to our present culture. Her genre bending styles include folk, classical, jazz and most recently techno electronic. When not working on her solo projects, Dara loves singing backup for other artists and is a member of the funk/groove band BackSeat Driver.

Most recently, Dara has been working on a new, full length, album of songs about the land she loves where the skies are bright, the rivers are clear, and the wind howls back to the coyotes on a prairie night. 


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What people are saying...

Colin Jolly - Founder of Napatak Ramble

 "Dara is a beast! She is the type of player that makes everyone around her better. It's amazing to witness. She is a true musician and it radiates in her soul."


George Randolph - Founder of Randolph School of the Performing Arts

"Her voice is golden."


Jeffery Straker - Canadian Singer/Songwriter

"Quite likely the best singer I know"




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